Made for the Kamper Stripspektakel 2019. In Who Let Them Dawgs Out? our hero accidentily enters the territory of a pack of dogs. Can our hero escape?

Because of the higher amount of characters I didn't want to crowd the panels with trees and bushes. So I chose a background full of hills. It reminds me of the backgrounds of the Super Mario games.

It was supposed to be a short scene of a longer story and the hero was chased by wolves. It didn't really add much to the story, it was just another roadblock on the quest. This new story has a bit more volume. In the wolves scene it was a matter of the hero being faster, but this dog chase was more of a puzzle. How can the hero reduce the number of chasers?

It was also fun to research the different kind of dogs and come up with a colourful bunch in the spirit of Foofur and Rude Dog and the Dweebs. To see pictures of each of the dogs you click through the Instagram post.

Bulldawg was made slightly larger for a more intimidating look. When looking for photo references I came across a lot of photots that were too cute.

Haunter is a combination of hunter and haunting (ghosts). This is also reflected in the colour choice of white. The tongue is a nod to Marvel's Venom and was not present in the reference shots.

Groggy, the boxer. The name and look appealed to me. Also during further research it seems to be the kind of dog you'd want to have in your gang. Groggy's name was inspired by Punchy in the Rocky Balboa movie.

Gallows, the doberman pinscher. Mostly chosen because of the viciousness displayed by Roscoe and Desoto in the Disney movie Oliver and Company. Gallows is a name that stuck by me after reading about Punisher 2099 and learning that gallows means execution by hanging.

Terror is deliberately depicted as friendly and calm, but who knows what a dog named Terror is capable of?

Maripossa is based on Noeska, the dog of my best friend Silviano. A very sweet dog that passed away, but has left a lasting impression.

Hope to see you in Kampen! Even if you wouldn't let your dog out in the predicted weather. ;-)