Made for Brabants Stripspektakel. Metal Pedal has a lot of sources of inspiration. The silent aspect largely comes from the briliant Pink Panther cartoons. The chase scenes where all kinds of whacky things can happen come from the Road Runner and Speedy Gonzales cartoons. In Food Fightah! our hero has to deliverand has to deal with Plum, a hungry bear who is willing to take a break from his nap to check out this mysterious snack. As for the inspiration for the title I gladly refer to this Foo Fighters clip.

During the event I'll share a table with Tosca Hamel. She makes remarkable comics and will be sure to entertain you when you visit our table.

Made for the Oost Nederlandse Stripboekenbeurs 2019. If you are interested in a short report on the event I gladly redirect you to my other website. When I had the idea to make a comic about a pedal knight, a knight on a bike, the idea of a story with a chase quickly came to mind. As well as the idea to create a rival for our hero. Bandit was the answer for both ideas and that's how the seed was planted for the comic Bandits and Pearls. And yes that's a reference to Diamonds and Pearls by Prince.

In the report on my other website I stated that I was allowed to explain the idea of the Metal Pedal comic in front of the camera of the Stripvlogger. It became part of a nice video about the event (Een dagje naar de kerk in Deventer). All in Dutch, so you can practice. ;-)

For those that want to skip:
01:50 Hollandsch Metaal
03:50 Rik van Niedek of Windmill Comics
04:01 The ladies of KAAS (Karin Blaauwijkel and Sabrina Kooijmans)
04:21 Feroz Nazir (me) about Metal Pedal
06:50 Marissa Delbressine
07:22 Wilma van den Bosch
09:35 Irene Berbee talks about Ulfberht and her portfolio review by Lysa Hawkins