Made for the Oost Nederlandse Stripboekenbeurs 2019. If you are interested in a short report on the event I gladly redirect you to my other website. When I had the idea to make a comic about a pedal knight, a knight on a bike, the idea of a story with a chase quickly came to mind. As well as the idea to create a rival for our hero. Bandit was the answer for both ideas and that's how the seed was planted for the comic Bandits and Pearls. And yes that's a reference to Diamonds and Pearls by Prince.

In the report on my other website I stated that I was allowed to explain the idea of the Metal Pedal comic in front of the camera of the Stripvlogger. It became part of a nice video about the event (Een dagje naar de kerk in Deventer). All in Dutch, so you can practice. ;-)

For those that want to skip:
01:50 Hollandsch Metaal
03:50 Rik van Niedek of Windmill Comics
04:01 The ladies of KAAS (Karin Blaauwijkel and Sabrina Kooijmans)
04:21 Feroz Nazir (me) about Metal Pedal
06:50 Marissa Delbressine
07:22 Wilma van den Bosch
09:35 Irene Berbee talks about Ulfberht and her portfolio review by Lysa Hawkins